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For all we know, with Halloween season approaching, the witch Halloween costumes as it were are one of the more popular Halloween costumes worn. The point to note is that most excited guys have jumped on the bandwagon for wonderful witch Halloween costumes. Additionally there is just something about witches and Halloween that seem to go together. You'll find women dressed as witches and men as warlocks or wizards. But how do you turn a boring and plain Halloween costume for a witch into one that is extraordinary and how to steal the limelight as a big winner on the strength of the scary dress. Here we go, let's take a close look on the following unique and marvelous ways.


Snake Charmer Appeal for Halloween Costume as a Witch

Add a long, fake snake around your neck for your witch Halloween costume. This will give a snake charmer appeal. Make certain the snake is flexible to assure you can wrap it around your neck. Don't wrap it too tightly though. Get the most real looking fake snake you can find to add to your witch Halloween costume. You can even make one that looks real if you have the talent and the time.

Fire Appeal for Halloween Costume as a Witch

Add fire to your witch Halloween costume. Start with your hair. Use temporary red hair color spray. Spray streaks in your hair that look like flames coming out of your head.

Print a flame template from the Internet. Cut the template out. Trace the flame onto pieces of red and orange felt. Use a piece of self-sticking Velcro on the back of the flame felt pieces. Attach the pieces of flame to different areas of your witch Halloween costume as a witch. Be sure to have flames attached to your ankles to shoot up from your shoes.

Witch Spells and Concoctions Halloween Costume as a Witch

Attach a bat, vulture or flying squirrel to a thin, solid piece of tubing. Make a wrist band to fit your wrist. Have the animal as your familiar as part of your witch Halloween costume as a witch. Give your familiar a name and commands to use while acting out the part of a witch at Halloween activities.

Cut pieces of heavy yarn. Buy plastic skulls, frogs, insects, miniature snakes, lizards and so forth. Attach the pieces of heavy yarn to the miniatures with a hot glue gun. Have the yarns at different lengths. Tie the miniatures to longer piece of yarn that you will wear as a necklace as part of your witch Halloween costume.


So much for the great thoughts featuring lingering appeal, and I bet you guys already can not wait for the big day scaring the crows and steal the focus with the amazing witch Halloween costumes or Ghost Halloween costume attached with Halloween cape. So let's count down and pray!



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Witch Halloween Costume, Winner Halloween Scary

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This article was published on 2010/09/29