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With Halloween only a month away it is crunch time in trying to organize the perfect bash for all of your friends. There are so many options for planning a truly spooky affair, and the earlier you start the planning, the better deals you'll score on costumes and decorations.

Firstly, send out party invitations letting your friends know that you're having an awesome shindig to celebrate one the creepiest nights of the year. Everyone loves Halloween so they'll surely be on board with helping to make your party one of the best. You can find plenty of Halloween stationary and seasonal cards to send out as your invitations so that once your guests open the envelope they'll automatically know what kind of fiesta it will be.

You should also spend some time figuring out what your costume will be. The host should have one of the best costumes of the evening, so set aside some time and think about how over-the-top you can be this year. There are so many different looks to choose from, ranging from rock star to baseball player to Frankenstein, but you can get creative and think up your very own costume and then just purchase accessories to make it your own.

Next, one should look into getting the very best decorations for their venue. Try going for a haunted house theme and purchase plenty of spooky items like skulls and bones to place around the house. Also, get jack-o-lanters with creepy faces carved into them and make sure they are illuminated with candles. You can also use the fake spiderwebs to make it seem like your home has been vacant for many years and that spiders have been crawling all over the place. Set up life size cardboard cutouts of classic movie monsters like Dracula and the Wolfman. And, if your budget allows, try setting interactive displays with witches and goblins.

Stock up on plenty of candy to satisfy the needs of the trick or treaters who'll stop by, plus your guests. Set out paper goods like paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic tableware for your guests for when they decide to head over to the boo-ffet. Serve up delectable treats like caramel apples and red velvet cupcakes to go along with your Halloween theme.

Remember, a month may seem like a long time but it isn't when you have so many other things going on in your life. Set aside some time to think about how scary you want make your shindig. Ask your friends for ideas and help in planning the party as it can get a bit overwhelming. There are plenty of resources for finding the perfect Halloween decorations and party favors. If you have the time, create a costume contest as well and award your guests who have gone over-the top with their Halloween getup.

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Plan the ultimate Halloween party

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This article was published on 2010/10/05