Kim Kardashian dresses as a sexy blond mermaid to attend Halloween party

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Kim Kardashian was photographed attending the 2nd Annual Midori Green Halloween Party in New York City on Saturday night (October 27, 2012). The petite brunette was accompanied by her boyfriend Kanye West, who she has been dating for about 6 months. The lovebirds were joined by La La Anthony, Baiyu, Joyce Bonelli, Carla DiBello, Michael Silvaand and Simon Huck at the spook-tacular pre-Halloween party hosted by Miss Kardashian. The 32-year-old and her rap star beau Kanye West were dressed to impress as they headed off to the Avenue. The American musician accompanied his hot girlfriend in a captain outfit with a navy coat, rolled khakis and striped shirt. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian dressed as a mermaid, looking like Daryl Hannah in the fantasy movie “Splash.” The E! reality star sported a big green tail and a seashell corset for the event. She wore a blonde wig to complete her look. “It's Halloween, so I thought if I did my regular hair it would just be kind of boring,” Kim explained why the star ditched her dark locks for the night. “And I didn't want to do red hair, like Ariel, because I did red hair with Poison Ivy last year. I just thought it would be fun to do blonde.”

Kim Kardashian Halloween custome 2012

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West head to the Midori Green Halloween Party in NYC on Saturday night (October 27, 2012). This is the second time the 32-year-old has hosted the Midori party.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Halloween 2012

The couple, who have known each other as friends for over a decade, look happy as they hit the booze bash. The rapper is seen in a nautical-looking outfit, wearing a striped shirt and a blazer as he accompanies her beautiful girlfriend to the event.

Kim Kardashian blonde wig

Kim Kardashian steals the show with a blonde wig, which takes over 10 hours to make and is all real hair (cost over $2k). Last year, the star wore a bright red wig and a Poison Ivy costume with lots of leaves and green to the 2011 event.

Kim Kardashian Halloween costume

The most famous Kardashian looks stunning in a sparkling green fishtail skirt with a seashell bra. It takes her two months to plan her Halloween costume and two hours to get ready. Miss Kardashian even helps to design her ethereal getup, collaborating with Trashy Lingerie.

Mermaid Halloween costume

Kim Kardashian shows off her curves at the Halloween party as she dresses as a mermaid inspired by “Splash,” an ethereal character played by Daryl Hannah.

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Kim Kardashian dresses as a sexy blond mermaid to attend Halloween party

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