Halloween Costumes and Charms

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Charming your way through Halloween can be fun and exciting. No matter what type of costume you may choose to wear you can compliment it by wearing your very own personalized or customized charm bracelet. When you take the time to think about it, people have been wearing and carrying small tokens or trinkets of just about any type of material that you can consider. People have been using as lucky or good luck charms.

Halloween costumes and charms go hand in hand with one another so well when you consider the history of each. Both have been around for a very long time. Adding them together can be fun and sensible, since you will always have a nice addition to your jewelry collection or you might chose to offer it as a gift to someone else after the holiday celebration dress-up fun. Here are a few to consider:

- Historical and Timeless Costumes

Choosing to accent or compliment historical and timeless characters in costume is a natural choice. Whether you are dressing up for Halloween as cavemen and women, or some famous historical couple, wearing charms to complete a look is an ideal choice. These types of items have a deep rich history that you can recreate while playing pretend and dressing up like someone else. Even some our most favorite cartoon characters wore charms.

- Vampires and Zombies

Choosing Halloween costumes such as vampires and zombies offer another great way to accent such a fun and daring masquerade. Watching some of the old movies will show us that these two types of creatures enjoyed wearing fashionable jewelry of the day, even if at times it is covered in blood. Whether while wearing lengths of velvet and silk or tattered blue jeans and cotton, someone somewhere was wearing and using charms to express his or her inner nature before the calamity of dealing with being undead.

- Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

The charm of make believe can be such fun while choosing Halloween costumes according to this old and new favorite sensation. This is a long time favorite of many people young and old, regardless of the edition. Choosing any character from the story of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, the White Queen, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit; you can compliment your outfit by adding storytelling jewelry.

- Professionals and Careers

Dressing up as any type of professional or career type Halloween costume is also easy to accent while wearing a storytelling bracelet or necklace. Professionals are everyday people do and love everyday things as well as special occasions or milestones. Whether you choose to dress as a stewardess, celebrity, nurse or travel agent as well as many others you can add depth of character to your costume choice.

Adding unique and distinctive jewelry can help complete any Halloween costume. The most important thing is to have fun and use your imagination and you can choose the best Halloween costumes and charms.

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Halloween Costumes and Charms

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This article was published on 2010/10/14